Welcome to the European Integration Policy Advice Project-EIPA Project

The EIPA project is working with the Ukrainian Government to develop the mechanism for closer European Cooperation and good governance.

Key project outputs

1. An improved co-ordination structure for European integration, with an internal organisation adequate to respond to internal and external demands; a training programme for staff recruited into the coordination structure. As required written reports on specific elements.
2. Improved negotiations management and technical competence of the GoU in dealing with the new enhanced agreement and policy coordination. Enhanced capacity of staff to understand the legal and economic implications of the new agreement. As required written reports on specific elements.
3. A transition programme for implementation of the new enhanced agreement provided and skills developed to ensure proper implementation of agreements.
4. Policy framework provided on practical methods to improve Ukraine-EU-Member State liaison and advocacy.

Seminar Presentations, E-Learning and project specific Downloads

Our experts have provided a number of seminars and reports on European Integration topics. These materials have been highly appreciated, so now we are offering them to an invited audience within government and related agencies in Ukraine.

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Note: The EIPA Project is funded by the British Government’s Reuniting Europe Programme. The contents of these websites and reports are the opinion of the experts only.